Apartment & Rooms

The B. &. B. Del Giglio is a typical ancient Tuscan apartment, very particular and picturesque thanks to the room’s foreshortenings and irregular plans. It is situated inside the ancient walls of the medieval castle of San Donato in Poggio. These walls were transformed during various centuries, that is why we can still find architectural traces of the various ages (Medieval, Renaissance, Nineteenth-century). The apartment is on the main street of the historical town, between the Florentine Door, the Bell Tower and the Little Tower. The apartment has one double bedroom with private washroom, the “Spouses’ Bedroom”, and a second double bedroom, with private washroom, the “Arc Bedroom”. Both rooms have windows on the garden, from there you might enjoy the view on the Chianti hills and the surrounding towns, among them: San Gimignano.

Inside the apartment you can find:
A big and elegant living-room with a fireplace. A table for six people where breakfast will be served. A well furnished little kitchen and an ancient wine cellar. In the bailey you well find the ancient rainwater well. In certain periods of the year an exhibition of the owner’s paintings might take place there.

Outside the apartment you can find:

A beautiful garden with some olive trees, long chairs to enjoy the Tuscan sun. A big table will also be at your disposal, where breakfast will be served in the summer.

the B.& B. Del Giglio is situated …

In un Borgo Medievale

in a quiet and picturesque Medieval village

dentro le Mura del Castello con:

inside the castle walls, with …

Cortile antico

ancient courtyard

Pozzo circolare

circular well

2 Accessi

two accesses


wine Cellar






elegant Living Room



Bagno del Soggiorno


Camera degli Sposi

Wedding Room

Bagno di Camera Degli Sposi


Camera dell'Arco

Arch Room

Bagno Camera dell'Arco


Palazzo Malaspina

50 meters from Malaspina Square

Tranquillo e Pittoresco

in the old town center

View the apartment’s floor plant: