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B&B Del Giglio
The small courtyard of B. & B. Del Giglio is located in the center of the building and consists of a part covered in brick vault and an uncovered part, letting in the light and the succession of the seasons with snow, rain, sun, moon . In its simplicity, it gives guests a particular view, on the main entrance from the historic center, on the opposite secondary entrance, from the garden, on the entrance to the wine cellar, on the entrance to the premises inhabited by the owners, on the rounded suspended turret, on the circular well .

It is a succession of harmonious curved shapes in all architectural details, doors, arched windows, roof vaults, half supporting arches, circular shapes such as the jar and the ancient well for collecting water. Creating enchanting picturesque views in this environment in all seasons, especially in the midday hours, when the sun enters it turning on all the colors, and in winter when it snows inside.

Since we opened this small business, this small Original Tuscan Corner has been very appreciated by our guests, encouraging some of them to create drawings and paintings, others have dedicated themselves to observe and enjoy the atmosphere with a glass of wine sitting directly on the stairs, but everyone took some souvenir photos.

Wine Cellar

B&B Del Giglio
This small refuge built entirely with stones above the large boulders that make up the estate and the beginning of the foundations of the whole building, are still visible on the left wall and offers a look and a reflection, on how important it was to have this cool space, below the ground level, in every house, for the Tuscan people, from the Middle Ages until a few decades ago. As all the families produced or kept small quantities of good wine for their sustenance.

From a focused look at the Architectural Details, it can be understood that this place dates back to the Middle Ages, like the town of San Donato in Poggio.
Do not miss a Good Glass of Wine, while looking at the Collection of objects and tools of the Peasant Civilization, hung and distributed on the walls and the Picturesque View of the Well with the Courtyard and the works on display.

Texts by Beatrice and Roberto Cresti – Photos and Graphic Design by Roberto Cresti – Edited by B.& B. Del Giglio

The use, reproduction, publication of the total or partial content on another website or other environment is prohibited computer network and print, of this site (photographs, texts, illustrations, graphic designs, colors,) without express written consent of the company B&B Del Giglio di Roberto Cresti.