Land of Chianti Classico Gallo Nero wine
our B. & B. Del Giglio is located in this fabulous area with a panoramic garden facing the small villages and magical hills, dotted with vineyards and oak woods
From this enchanting territory and from the B. & B. del Giglio you can visit all the most famous villages, the most renowned wineries, you can walk in landscapes that have remained uncontaminated over time, you can devote yourself to the pleasures of the table with the typical dishes of the Chianti cuisine, prepared from the numerous and delicious restaurants in each small village.
You can discover traces of the ancient Etruscan and Roman civilizations in the various archaeological sites or in the small museums or take an interest in the history of these countries, visiting the most famous medieval buildings, or admire masterpieces of art in the Romanesque churches, or in the museums of our municipalities.
Living the Chianti is living this suggestive atmosphere, in symbiosis with nature and everything that surrounds us, with more peaceful rhythms, to absorb all the beauty that nature offers us in front of us.
All the photos on our web site were taken by Roberto Cresti owner of the B. & B. Del Giglio and passionate about this land.
In particular, these on the “Places to Visit” page have been arranged and positioned according to the importance of the places, with the number of kilometers away next to them. from our B. & B and a brief description of the most important things to see