The village where the B. & B. Del Giglio is located
the B. & B. Del Giglio is located in this village (in via del Giglio n ° 78)
San Donato in Poggio is an ancient, quiet and picturesque medieval village, very welcoming near Florence, Siena, San Gimignano in the heart of Chianti, in Tuscany:
Its historic center can be easily explored on foot, from the two access gates Porta Fiorentina and Porta Senese is still full of buildings, which retain the original medieval “tower house“ structure, with arched portals in Alberese stone.. Even the medieval urban structure from the oval plan of the village, the streets and the central square has remained with the original characteristics.
Piazza Malaspina is suggestive, with the Octagonal Well in its center surrounded by Palazzo Malaspina, the Church of Santa Maria della Neve, 14th century. In summer the Historic Centre comes alive with tourists to attend Cultural, Historical, Folkloric, Traditional, Religious events, Musical Concerts to visit Art Exhibitions, , and to taste Typical Tuscan dishes, at the tables set along the central street and the square.


Land of Chianti Classico Black Rooster wine
From our B. & B. Del Giglio it is very easy to move to go and taste the wines of our territory in the numerous farms
List the wineries, farms and all the best places, where you can taste Chianti wine would be a difficult task, we have selected 6 Brands close to our structure, with different characteristics, both as a Type compared to the size of the company, and as a type of the products, which as a feature for the beauty of the structure.
Each scores well in its category. We have also indicated the number of kilometers to travel to reach the structure, some of which can also be reached on foot.