The City of the Palio
35 km from our B.& B. Del Giglio
Magical and enchanting city, famous for the Palio (an ancient horse race that takes place in the central square of the city, “Piazza del Campo”) and for the “historic center “ a UNESCO heritage site.

The steep medieval streets, the well-preserved buildings that flank them, wind and flow around to give us access to the particular and very original square, shaped like a shell, appreciated all over the world, to continue then and get to the other, beautiful monument, in pure Gothic style, one of the most spectacular in Italy “the Duomo“. The interior (not to be missed) is Spectacular, with the “Inlaid marble floor“ the Piccolomini Library “the Panels of the Pulpit by Pisano” and finally the terrace of the “Facciatone” (upper part of the unfinished nave which was to incorporate the current Cathedral) from which you can enjoy a Spectacular Panorama over the rooftops of Siena on Piazza del Campo and on the side of the Duomo.

Most important things to see:
CathedralPiazza del CampoFonte GaiaTorre del MangiaPalazzo PubblicoCivic MuseumPalazzo PiccolominiNational Picture GalleryHouse of Santa CaterinaSan Domenico Medici Fortress.


Fortified village
25 km from our B. & B. Del Giglio, in the same direction as Siena
It is a beautiful and famous Fortified Medieval Village din Tuscany, near Siena, visible to the naked eye along the Florence-Siena motorway junction, 2 km before the “Monteriggioni” exit.
All its Great Beauty is due to its elliptical wall with 15 imposing large watchtowers, which has remained entirely intact. t is also mentioned by the great poet Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy..